How to have quality sleep for 8 hours

Lack of quality sleep has many repercussions in our present society.

1. Loss of concentration

2. Physical and Mental health is affected

3. Emotional issues

4. Work life balance

5. Sleep deprivation will cause your internal organs to shut down and finally, death.

How do you transform your life and environment to get quality sleep for 8 hours?

1. Check your surrounding space around your bed. If there are any electrical wires or charging points for your phone, do shift them away from your head. If not possible, then shift your bed. Electrical currents cause electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) and this will disrupt your sleep by killing the sleep hormone, melatonin. Our body produces melatonin naturally at the right time. Artificial melatonin helps but it is not natural. After repeated use, your brain will stop producing melatonin.

2. Sunlight signals our brain to stop producing melatonin and therefore it is a signal for the brain to wake up or sleep. So, if you need to sleep in the day and work at night, do block out the sun with thick curtains. When you sleep, do switch off all lights and remember not to charge your phone near you.

3. Activities before your sleep is important too. Blue rays from the TV and phone will suppress melatonin which will be secreted during this time. Try meditation before you sleep because the activity will strengthen melatonin production. If you have the habit to think about work, meditation will give you more ideas.

4. Certain posture and practice will help you to get deeper sleep. For that, it’s better to learn from a proper teacher because learning from books can misguide you. Many people are afraid to meditate because they believe that “an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. “Meditation is thinking of one thing at a time” Your mind can’t be blank. You must think of something.

5. Yoga and Meditation is a science. Proven by science that your brain waves changed from beta to alpha state of mind naturally. This brings you to a calm state all the time. There is a breathing technique that can change the state of mind at will. Therefore, when you need adrenaline, you are in control. Fight and flight response are natural but having control is better because it will enhance our performance at will. Therefore, competitive sports people should learn how to do this. Many golfers and sportsman/woman practice yoga to enhance performance instead of using steroids.

How to have a quality sleep for 8 hours summary:

Understand the dangers of sleep deprivation.

Next is to Transform

In order to transform, we must make changes to both environment and our lifestyle.

The ball is in your court. Make the changes for health and happiness now.

Student of Life, teacher of Yoga.